Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Switching to LibGDX

In a previous post on my Software Dev blog I had talked about learning game development as a side project.

At the time I had just discovered Defold and after a few tutorials it seemed promising. The side-scroller tutorial was easy to complete. This became my goal. Then life happened.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to code with Defold as much as I had originally planned. Matter of fact, it would be almost a year until I'd pick up game development again. 

This holiday season I launched Defold and was completely lost. I couldn't remember what I had built. I began reading through the tutorials again but it felt like things were more complicated than they needed to be. 

I did a quick youtube search for Defold and only found a handful of tutorials that made sense.

Since I'd spent the last year working with Java I googled for java based game engines and I re-discovered LibGDX. After a few tutorials I felt it was a lot quicker to get a game up and running. 

I had also found a Flappy Bird Clone tutorial series by Brent Aureli which I followed and added the code to Github.

This past weekend I picked up a copy of Java Game Development with LibGDX which has been a great.

In this blog I'll try to explain what I learn and also share any progress on my game dev journey.

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